Soliflore - Circle

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Let yourself be seduced by this minimalist Soliflore vase with its surprising and pleasant material. The Glass Tube keeps your flowers alive.

Decorate your interior with taste and modernity while respecting the environment with this vase for your most beautiful flowers.


3D printed from 40% recycled wood and 60% corn starch, our designs are eco-friendly and contain no petroleum-based plastics.

Glass tube included
Size: 20cm by 2cm in diameter. Ideal for 1 or 2 flowers
High quality glass


Designed and manufactured in our workshop in France.

*Flowers are not included

Color: Ebony Black
Livraison gratuite à partir de 50€ ! (en France uniquement)

They say it..


Martin ☑️

18 déc. 2023

Well received. Superb item. Great customer service and affordable prices. I highly recommend this store!

Samantha Jackson ☑️

03 déc. 2023

Looks exactly like the photos, I love it! Super-fast delivery and excellent communication

Jinko ☑️

01 déc. 2023

Almost twice as big as I expected, which is a pleasant surprise! The material is pleasant to the touch and aesthetically pleasing, the colors are pretty, and I know this gift will please its recipient. Thank you so much!

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