travel soap box case eco friendly plastic-free

Need to travel?

the travel essential: the soap box

Large Vases

For all kind of dryed flowers
COPO DESIGN pot de fleur eco responsable naturel impression 3D made in france

Eco-friendly & natural

Made from 40% recycled wood and 60% corn starch

Made in France

Everything is made in our workshop in Annecy

Eco-friendly decorative objects made in France

We are using 3D printers and wood based filament to produce everyday objects with a natural look.

Incense Holder - PeakIncense Holder - RubanIncense Holder - BalanceIncense Holder - EnkeiIncense Holder - Wavy

Smell the difference

Incense holder

Discover our collection of incense holders with a pure and elegant design.

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Small planters - Stamp - BirchSmall planters - VorteSmall planters - SylvaSmall planters - BillonSmall planters - Cupcake

The classics

Small pot

Theses indoor planter will easily bring nature into home. They are designer to fit all the small pot

Aller au magasin

For the big ones

Large pots

Flower power


Already 280 happy customers on Etsy

Very lovely Incense Holder. A great touch to my interior. Thank you! I Love it!


From our Etsy Shop

Thank you so much for the beautiful vase, the size was perfect just what I was looking for, sturdy enough to hold dried grass and it’s very well made. Unusual and very pretty piece.

Lorna Q

From our Etsy shop

The incense-holder is as simple as it is beautiful, and has a very satisfying texture to boot. The shop owners are very nice too!


From our Etsy shop

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For our Etsy shop

My order came super fast, love the beautiful design.


From our Etsy shop

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